Black Belt Club

Seminar schedule for our Black Belt Club members. For more information on Black Belt Club, please see the front desk. Our Black Belt Club seminars will be featured twice a month and will follow a separate specialty BBC curriculum. From time to time, BBC students will perform the material learned at graduations and demonstrations!

All BBC members meet for the Fridays listed below at 7pm for 1 hour

9/9 - Dragon Dance: Showcase Prep

9/23 - Dragon Dance: Showcase Prep

10/14 - Nunchaku & Dragon Dance: Showcase Prep

10/28 - Nunchaku & Dragon Dance: Showcase Prep

11/4 - Nunchaku & Dragon Dance: Showcase Prep

Please note BBC will be preparing for our upcoming Showcase so it is critical that students attend all BBC seminars. Please inform the coaches if you cannot make a session.

July 4th


Labor Day Holiday Schedule: We wish you a happy and safe holiday weekend!

8:45am K1: 1 hour class
4pm Youth - W,Y,O,G
4:45pm Youth - P,Bl,Br,R,Blk
5:30pm K1
6:15pm Teen/Adult

8:45am K1: 1 hour class
9:45am Little Dragons
10:15am Youth: ALL
11am Teen/Adult

9:30am K1
10:30am Youth: ALL
11:15am Teen/Adult

9am K2: 1 hour class
10am Little Dragons
10:30am Youth - ALL
11:15am Teen/Adult


September’s Monthly Theme for Childrens Martial Arts: PASSION

In Honor of Mr. Branden’s Birthday, our theme this month will be PASSION! We hope to inspire students and get them thinking about how their PASSION can shine through not only in class but in every day life!

Parking reminder

The Legacy Award

This will be our second year featuring the Legacy Award at the Showcase, where two students (one from Youth and one from Teen/Adult) and one staff member will be awarded. This award will be in honor and remembrance of Mr. Branden and we invite everyone to submit their nominations via email or in the ballot box at the front desk. Submissions should state the name of the nominee and why they feel that person is deserving of the nomination. Some criteria for student nominees: Represents SK with pride, integrity, honor and respect. Involved and committed in SK events as well as in class, encouraging, kind and supportive of peers, demonstrates leadership, enthusiasm and respectful of all SK staff. Regardless of skill level or natural ability, he/she always tries their best and perserveres - giving up is not an option. Considerations for Studio staff submissions include: Charisma, representing the integrity and spirit of Mr. Branden, and how they go above and beyond to make every student experience genuine, special and positive. We are now accepting nominations and will wrap it up in September.

Los Altos

Parent Participation Day: Saturday 10/1

We always receive such a wonderful response to these collaborative classes and the kids are absolutely thrilled to share their class! We would like to encourage all the dads, moms, aunties/uncles and any special adults to join us for another Parent Participation Day during the childrens classes Saturday 10/1! Parents will get in the action to share and contribute in their child’s learning experience! If you plan to participate in class this day, please arrive 5-10 minutes early and wear comfortable workout clothes.

AM Schedule


Bring-A-Buddy Halloween Spooktacular: Wednesday October 26th!

INVITE A FRIEND to join class and come in costume as your favorite princess, goblin or wushu super hero and get ready for a hauntingly FUN class! We’ll celebrate Halloween Wushu-style! Bring your friends and sign up at the front desk!

Save the date

SAVE THE DATE: Annual Studio Showcase & Black Belt Presentation, SUNDAY November 6th 3:30pm!

We have begun to prepare for our annual Showcase performance so please SAVE THESE DATES! The entire studio will be performing in the biggest show of the year and we will be providing more details soon.

• THEATRE DRESS REHEARSAL is Saturday 10/29 10am-2pm

• SHOW DATE is SUNDAY 11/6 (Students must arrive 2:15pm day of the show: TBC)


Studio Kicks Palo Alto - 796A San Antonio Rd., Palo Alto, CA 94303 - Phone: 650-855-9868
Studio Kicks Palo Alto
796A San Antonio Rd., Palo Alto, CA 94303
Phone: 650-855-9868