Black Belt Club

Seminar schedule for our Black Belt Club members. For more information on Black Belt Club, please see the front desk. Please note that we will be expanding upon our Black Belt Club program. Beginning in February, seminars will be featured twice a month and will follow a specialty BBC curriculum. From time to time, BBC students will perform the material learned at graduations!

All BBC members meet for the Fridays listed below at 7pm for 1 hour

5/1 - Animal Forms: Intro To Mantis
5/15 - Mantis Form



May’s Monthly Theme for Childrens Martial Arts: FOCUS

Our theme this month is FOCUS. We will discuss with students how they can develop FOCUS and how it will help them in AND out of the studio!


To Our May Fete Parade Participants: THANK YOU!!!

From the most adorable Little Dragons, our high-energy & enthusiastic Wushu students, our incredible lions, dragons - and let's not forget our kick-butt Cardio Crew who jab, cross & kicked the entire parade - we had the best show in the parade! At least we think so :-) A HUGE THANK YOU to our students, staff and volunteers that made it one of our best parades ever!!!


Happy Mother’s Day SALE!

Take more than just a moment to share your appreciation and love to all the Mothers in your life. Moms, Aunties, Grandmothers and all the strong women who provide support, love and inspiration to you and your family all through the year. To celebrate these beautiful women, ALL jewelry, Michel Design Works items (such as lotions, soaps, trays) and cosmetics bags will be 30% off! So pick up a pretty card and gift it with a fragrant soap tucked in a useful bag, luxurious lotion paired with a pretty tray or colorful piece of jewelry. Nothing shows your adoration more than the gift of health so give her some sacred “me” time with a personal training session & some new SK workout wear! (PS: Don’t procrastinate!). SALE ENDS SUNDAY May 10th!


Parking Reminder

Just a note to our new members regarding our parking. Please enter IN the back lot along the alley that runs between the studio & mechanic and exit OUT the alley along Buckles-Smith. Please DO NOT PARK in front of our neighbors (electrical company & mechanic) AT ANY TIME WEEKDAYS from 8am-5pm! We take great effort to respect our neighbors so please be warned that your vehicle may be towed! Parking in front of our side of the building, anywhere in the back lot or street parking (just around the corner on Leghorn or San Antonio) is permitted at all times. Also, please do not park along the sidewalk or in the “alleys” on either side of the building. Thank you for helping us maintain a safe environment for everyone and their vehicles!


Gonna Make You Sweat

We LOVE it when you sweat! As disturbing as it sounds, nothing brings more satisfaction to our instructors then to see you training hard and pushing yourselves to do more than you ever imagined! With all this hard work, usually comes a lot of sweat. Please be considerate to those around you as well as to folks attending the next class: please clean up your sweat on the mats, the bags, bars or wherever your hard work has dripped on to, thank you! Swiffers and disinfectant wipes are available by the wall beneath the mirrors so please be respectful and do your part to keep the area clean and dry for everyone! Also, PLEASE BE MINDFUL OF CHATTING AND SILENCE CELL PHONES IN THE TRAINING AREA, ESPECIALLY DURING THE MARTIAL ARTS CLASSES. We love all the camaraderie and friendships developed at the studio but please remember we are first, a Martial Arts Studio and when class is in session it makes it difficult for our staff and students to focus with all the chattering. Thank you for understanding and help!


Memorial Day Holiday Schedule: We wish you a happy and safe holiday weekend!

AM Cardio Regular Schedule
4pm Youth - W,Y,O,G,P
4:45pm Youth - Bl,Br,R,Blk
5:30pm K1
6:15pm Teen/Adult

8:45am K1: one hour class
9:45pm Little Dragons
10:15pm Youth - All
11am Teen/Adult Wushu

Regular Schedule

9am K2: one hour class
10am Little Dragons
10:30am Youth - All
11:15am: Teen/Adult PM CLOSED


Studio Kicks Palo Alto - 796A San Antonio Rd., Palo Alto, CA 94303 - Phone: 650-855-9868
Studio Kicks Palo Alto
796A San Antonio Rd., Palo Alto, CA 94303
Phone: 650-855-9868