Black Belt Club

Seminar schedule for our Black Belt Club members. For more information on Black Belt Club, please see the front desk. Please note that we will be expanding upon our Black Belt Club program. Beginning in February, seminars will be featured twice a month and will follow a specialty BBC curriculum. From time to time, BBC students will perform the material learned at graduations!

All BBC members meet for the Fridays listed below at 7pm for 1 hour

1/8 - Fan: Movement & Basics
1/22 - Fan: Skills Development
2/5 - TBA
2/19 - TBA



January’s Monthly Theme for Childrens Martial Arts: GENEROSITY

Our theme this month is GENEROSITY. We will collaborate with students on the different meanings of GENEROSITY and creative ways they can give to others and consciously do things that are both good and helpful!

Parent Participation

Upcoming NASKA Compete Martial Arts Tournament: 2/26-28

Just a reminder that this 6 “A” rated national tournament is quickly approaching and students interested in competing should inquire at the front desk to get approval from our coaches. FYI their site is:


Parking Reminder

Just a note to our new members regarding our parking. Please enter IN the back lot along the alley that runs between the studio & mechanic and exit OUT the alley along Buckles-Smith. Please DO NOT PARK in front of our neighbors (electrical company & mechanic) AT ANY TIME WEEKDAYS from 8am-5pm! We take great effort to respect our neighbors so please be warned that your vehicle may be towed! Parking in front of our side of the building, anywhere in the back lot or street parking (just around the corner on Leghorn or San Antonio) is permitted at all times. Also, please do not park along the sidewalk or in the “alleys” on either side of the building. Thank you for helping us maintain a safe environment for everyone and their vehicles!


The “Weight” Is Over!

Kung Fu Panda 3 will be premiering in the end of January and we plan on getting a SK group together the first weekend of February! More details to be announced soon!


February: President’s Weekend Holiday Schedule 2/12-15
Please note the modified schedule for this holiday weekend, thank you!

Friday 2/12
A.M. Regular Schedule
4pm Youth - W,Y,O,G,P
4:45pm Youth - Bl & Up
5:30pm K1
6:15pm Teen/Adult

Saturday 2/13
8:45am K1 (1 hour class)
9:45am Little Dragons
10:15am Youth - ALL
11am Teen/Adult

Sunday 2/14
Regular Schedule

Monday 2/15
9am K2 (1 hour class)
3:30pm Little Dragons
4pm Youth - W,Y,O,G,P
4:45pm Youth - Bl & Up
5:30pm K1
6:15pm Teen/Adult


New Year, Same You - But BETTER!

We hope 2016 brings you and your families much joy, laughter, fun, great health and fitness! Even if you are just starting back into working out or for those of you with great fitness - we can’t wait to contribute to a stronger, leaner and more flexible you and turn it up a notch to accomplish and maybe even exceed your goals. Plus, we promise that there will be lots of fun and laughter mixed in with all the hard work! Many of you have watched our Cardio program with interest but make this THE YEAR that you get IN class! If you’ve been taking our group classes, we applaud you! They are NOT easy and although cliche’ - our program has transformed lives. Just talk with some of the members around you. Many have reduced or eliminated the need for excess medication to help their bodies regulate, reduced their blood pressure, improved their diabetes and many more conditions that they thought were not possible. Here’s to making this the year to be a BETTER you, inside and out - and we thank you for allowing us to challenge, motivate and be part of that journey!


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Studio Kicks Palo Alto
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Phone: 650-855-9868