Our Cardio Kickboxing program consists of 4 different levels of classes that are each 45 minutes in length. Classes are taught to high-energy music and challenge all levels of fitness ranging from beginner to advanced.

A noticeable improvement in overall body tone, strength and endurance can be seen very quickly while learning proper form and technique.

ALL classes are included in our monthly and punch card programs.



K1 - cardio kickboxing
K2 - cardio bag class

Cardio Kickboxing classes include K1 and K2. These classes focus on increasing stamina, endurance and significantly strengthening cardiovascular levels. YOU WILL SWEAT! K1 combines high-energy kicks, powerful punches and intense fat burning combinations in a fast paced class that challenges all levels of fitness. K2 is a cardio bag class which combines the intensity of cardio kickboxing with light contact to water filled bags using boxing gloves to help define and tone muscles while still getting an intense cardio workout that transforms the entire body.


K3 - power kickboxing
K4 - power impact/thai pads

Our Power Kickboxing classes are taught in a circuit training format where intermediate to advanced levels develop and refine proper form and technique. These classes focus on power, strength, balance and speed through various punching, kicking and combination drills. Our Power Kickboxing classes also incorporate TRX suspension training which leverages your own body weight to build and enhance strength, mobility and flexibility. K3 incorporates power and speed drills where contact is made only to the water, torso and hanging heavy bags. K4 teaches members how to safely catch for each other using Thai pads and shields in various speed and reaction drills for those who want to increase their stamina, strength and power and take their training one step further.


Flex & Stretch

This class is designed to strengthen & sculpt the entire body through high-repetition exercises using light to medium weighted bars. The latter portion of class complements the strength training & focuses on intense flexibility exercises and stretching techniques used in martial arts to improve all over flexibility, enhance kicking ability and to keep the muscles lean and long.

TRX & Stretch

TRX suspension training leverages your own body weight to build and increase strength, mobility, balance and flexibility to define and sculpt your entire body through various drills that can be modified for all levels of fitness. This class also combines various martial arts stretching exercises to improve your range of motion and flexibility.