Martial Arts

Our martial arts program is a great way to get kids active and moving! While instilling discipline and respect, your child will develop focus and confidence while improving coordination, balance, and flexibility. Your child will benefit physically and mentally, and parents will recognize an overall improvement in attitude, school work, and self-esteem.

Adults will develop physical and mental confidence and improve their self-discipline, coordination, flexibility, stamina, and strength. Learn to challenge your body and mind as you progress towards your goal. With commitment to our program, you will find this dynamic year-round sport offers tremendous fitness benefits and powerful rewards — in and out of the studio.

Most Youth and Adult classes are 45 minutes in length with the exception of a few advanced classes.

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In this fun and energetic class, Little Dragons learn the fundamental stances, movements, and positions that help improve balance and coordination. As they learn and develop physical skills such as flexibility and strength, children are also taught social and emotional skills such as listening, discipline, focus, and respect in an active and fun-filled 30-minute class. Shyer children will build self-confidence while more spirited children develop focus and impulse control.



The basics are introduced to develop a strong foundation for beginners while intermediate and advanced students learn to improve their technique, form, and style. Classes are taught in a supportive environment while respect, discipline, and confidence are developed daily in an encouraging manner. Various drills and exercises will be learned to develop strength, flexibility, balance, speed, and coordination for stronger stances, higher jumps, and more powerful kicks. Students will also learn complete hand forms and various weapons forms. Students will also learn how to point spar for speed, focus, and self-defense.



Teen/Adult classes work on building upon a strong basics foundation and applying the knowledge through learning various hand forms, weapons, international routines, self-defense applications, competition, and expression of personal style. Flexibility, power, strength, and stamina significantly improve as students progress. Challenging all levels of fitness, our Teen/Adult program will also engage your mind and improve mental and physical reflexes while providing more balance through releasing stress and anxiety. Students will also learn how to spar for speed, focus, and self-defense.

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Hours vary by class.

We will be offering online classes only through March 2021

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