I ♡ SK

THE BEST Cardio workout in the shortest amount of time with outstanding instructors” - A.D.

“Great training facility, warm family atmosphere, awesome teachers - Bilyana B.

“I love everything, everyone, and then some!” - V.S.

“I admire the coaches as well as the students for their kindness and support” - A.N.

“I like the individually oriented program” - F.S.

Awesome instructors and staff, the energy in each Cardio and Wushu class is out the roof – if you think that you sweat today in class, tomorrow is going to be double!” - C.H.

“I LOVE Studio Kicks, great coaches – I get way better exercise here than in P.E. At school!” - M.C.

LOVE the positive energy, motivation and determination everyone has.” - A.B.

Excellent instructors with great energy that motivate students to push themselves to the limit!” - Kristina C.

“The skills you learn at Studio Kicks can apply to many aspects of your life” - Ben S.T.

“This place is awesome! You have to try it to find out!” - Priti

“I like to learn new things in Wushu” - Epeli P.

“Everything and everyone is very nice and organized” - Alfonso A.

“I love the energy! Pushes me to the limit even when I think I can’t anymore, will never give up on you!! And that means a lot - Lizeth

BEST martial arts studio EVER. AWESOME teachers!” - Bogie K.

“Love how the coaches, other students and staff all care about you personally and you become friends with them ALL!” - L.J.