Richard Branden

Richard Branden, the founder and force behind Studio Kicks Palo Alto is a six-time world champion in Chinese martial arts (commonly referred to as Kung Fu or Wushu). Internationally recognized and rated #1 in the U.S. for ten consecutive years, Mr. Branden’s awards include over 35 national titles and 5 Hall of Fame awards. He has been featured in numerous national and international martial arts publications, and a few of his roles in the entertainment industry include WMAC Masters’ Ying-Yang Man, Mortal Kombat and original stunt cast member of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Based on his profound respect for martial arts — he experienced first hand how it can significantly influence and shape a person’s life and perspective in a positive way through focus, discipline, confidence and overall mental and physical fitness. Through his passion, dedication and training of our staff, his legacy lives on and he has made it possible for everyone to experience and learn this art in an encouraging and supportive community that is based on family, focus and respect which is fostered in a positive environment that aims to inspire, challenge and continuously improve one’s physical and mental health. For more information on his personal legacy, please visit






WAKO World Champion Awards, 6 Time World Champion

Chinese Forms: Gold Medals

  • 1995 Poland

  • 1993 England

  • 1991 USA

Chinese Weapons: Gold Medals

  • 1995 Poland

  • 1993 England

  • 1991 USA

Budo Open, Germany

  • 1997 Forms Gold Medal Champion


  • North American Sport Karate Association USA (NASKA)

  • 1986 - 1996 rated #1 nationally each year

  • Diamond Nationals: 3 time champion

  • Ocean State Nationals: 6 time champion

  • Kentucky Blue Grass Nationals: 4 time champion

  • Washington DC Classics: 2 time champion

  • New England Open: 8 time champion

  • US Open Florida: 4 time champion

  • Empire State Championships: 3 time champion

  • Compete Nationals California: 4 time champion

  • Houston Nationals: 1 time champion


  • 1995 Diamond Nationals Hall of Fame

  • 1993 International Hall of Fame

  • 1992 Black Belt Magazine, Kung Fu Artist of the Year

  • 1991 Ocean State Hall of Fame

  • 1990 Professional Karate League, Competitor of the Year


  • CrossNet Wireless company Direct Mail Promotion

  • 1996 Macho Martial Arts Catalog Cover

  • 1995 Macho Martial Arts Catalog Cover

  • 1994 Asian World of Martial Arts Inc. Catalog Cover, Direct Mail Piece & Promotional Give Aways

  • 1993 Asian World of Martial Arts Inc. Catalog Cover


  • 2002 August Black Belt Magazine

  • 1998 June Karate Kung-fu Illustrated

  • 1998 November Black Belt Magazine

  • 1997 March El Mundo de les Artes Marciales (Venezuela)

  • 1997 March MA Training

  • 1996 October Karate International

  • 1995 January Karate International

  • 1995 July Sport Karate News

  • 1994 August Sport Karate News

  • 1994 December Black Belt Magazine for Kids

  • 1993 April Karate Kung-fu Illustrated

  • 1993 June Sport Karate News

  • 1993 October MA Training

  • 1993 November MA Training

  • 1988 August SMASH Magazine

SPONSORSHIPS 1986 - 1996

  • John Paul Mitchell Systems

  • Century Martial Arts

  • Macho Martial Arts

  • Crossnet Technologies

  • Asian World of Martial Arts


  • The Chinese Art of Stretching, Black Belt Magazine

  • Champion Training Tips, Black Belt Magazine

  • Dynamic Wushu Training, Century Martial Arts

  • Monkey Stick, Century Martial Arts

  • Broadsword, Century Martial Arts



  • 1999 Warriors of Virtue trailer (produced by Law Brothers) Feature Cast as "Chi"

  • 1992 Mortal Kombat (produced by New Line Cinema) Outworld Warrior


  • 2003 Jay Chou, Double Blade music video (directed by Alexi Tan) Feature Stunt Lead

  • 1999 Fox TV, Mortal Kombat Krusades (produced by New Line Cinema) Feature Warrior in "Undying Dream" episode

  • 1998 Fox TV, WMAC Masters (produced by 4Kids Productions) Feature Cast as Yin-Yang Man

  • 1996 Future Fighters (Pay-Per-View) Daddy Rich

  • 1994 Fox TV, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (produced by Saban Entertainment) Original Cast Martial Arts Double Motion Picture Capture

  • 1997 Reebok Shoe Advertisement for Sean Kemp, Seattle Supersonics (produced by Polymar Pictures) Featured Alien

  • 1996 Universal Studios Marvel Theme Park (produced by Cleiser-Walczak Digital Visual Effects) Spider Man


  • Double Blade (directed by Alexi Tan), assistant stunt choreographer

  • Fox TV, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (produced by Saban Entertainment)

  • Warriors of Virtue trailer (produced by Law Brothers)

  • Fox TV, WMAC Masters (produced by 4Kids Productions)

  • Tracy Z (produced LA Productions)

  • Mortal Kombat, commercial for toy line


  • 1999 The S.G.M.A. Super Show, Atlanta: Feature Guest Performer

  • 1998 Jamaica Championships: Feature Guest Performer

  • 1998 Guatemala Championships: Feature Guest Performer

  • 1998 The Magic Show, Las Vegas: Feature Guest Performer

  • 1997 Venezuela Championships: Feature Guest Performer

  • 1995 Kentucky Blue Grass Nationals: Golden Eagle Award

  • 1995 Grand Caymen Islands Championships: Feature Guest Performer

  • 1993 NASKA: Competitor of the Year Award 1993 NASKA: Sportsman of the Year Award 1993 John Paul Mitchell Systems Conference: Feature Guest Performer

  • 1993 Men's Fitness Magazine: Feature Story, December issue

  • 1992 4th Annual Arnold Schwarzenegger Body Building Classic: Feature Guest Appearance

  • 1992 NASKA: Overall Weapons Grand Champion

  • 1991 On-site Entertainer & Trainer for U.S. troops in Gulf War, Kuwait

  • 1983 The Opera Company of Boston, "Turandot": Weapons Cast Member